“Which carpet is best for my home?”

We hear it all the time.

Clients have children, pets, lots of traffic in their home, or maybe they have none of the above and just prefer carpet with less maintenance. Sometimes they just want the best product – and at the best price. Wine Spill

But how do we decide which carpet is best for your home? Let’s take a look at your options.

The first thing that should be considered when replacing carpet in your home is durability. Depending on your family structure, this can vary greatly from home to home. Durability represents three major elements: the fiber, the construction, and the density. When all three are evaluated, it should be relatively easy to decide the type of carpet that is best to use – and then colors and styles can be considered. In this three part article, we’ll be starting with the first element: fiber.

Child Dropping Ice Cream on CarpetFIBER

There are several different fibers to consider when selecting carpet. There are four main types and a couple subtypes, but we’re going to keep it simple.

  • Coffee SpillNylon: Have a lot of foot traffic in your home? Want something that’s soft, comes in a wide array of colors and styles, and can be treated with a stain resistant protectant? Then Nylon is your choice. One thing to consider with Nylon, however; it is susceptible to stains because of the type of absorbent fiber. Buying a nylon carpet and choosing not to protect it is not recommended. Stain resistant protection can cover the entire fiber or just the tip of the fiber (which has a tendency to wear off much quicker), so be sure to consider this when selecting this type of carpet.
  • Wool: While known to be the most expensive carpet fiber, there is much to be respected about it. Wool is incredibly durable and due to the fiber’s origination, it is also considered Eco-friendly and sustainable. Wool is also capable of hiding a tremendous amount of dirt, so it stays looking cleaner longer. A good steam clean yearly from a reputable carpet cleaner using the proper pH balanced cleaners and it looks as good as new. This type of carpet, however, is generally much more expensive that artificial fibers.
  • Polyester: Another Eco-friendly alternative is the polyester fiber, which is also inherently stain resistant. This simply means that the fibers are designed to not absorb liquids the way that nylon or wool can. Of the three, polyester tends to be cheaper than nylon or wool, so there’s a cost benefit as well. Treating a polyester fiber with a stain resistant treatment is still recommended for additional protection. Pasta Sauce on Carpet
  • Solution Dyed Polyester: Many fibers when created start off white, and then the lot is treated with the desired color. Solution dyed polyester is different in that it is created in the color right away. Unfortunately, the downfall is that you may not be able to find the exact color you’re looking for – but don’t worry! These carpet types do come with decent shade selections and you should be able to get pretty close. The many benefits of these types of fibers are that they are color fast, Eco-friendly, stain proof, resistant to bleach and other chemicals, resistant to UV lightening, and have a great price point.

Interested in taking a look or feeling any of these fiber types? Come in today and see how the fiber you choose for your home can dramatically improve both your appreciation of the carpet as well as the look and feel. Knowing which carpet is best will make the decision process much easier.

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